Dragon's Cup Caribbean

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Dragon's Cup Caribbean

Quickly becoming the major martial arts tournament of the region, Dragon's Cup Caribbean turned to us to create a website and web application that would attract more foreign competitors and revolutionize the way in which local competition is conducted. After a sound understanding of requirements was gained, we worked together to create a website that best represented what the yearly tournament stood for.

Colour Palette

Medium Grey
Burnt Red
Sky Blue


  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Manage Competitors (Add, View, Edit)
  • Manage Events (Add, View, Edit)
  • Manage Rings and Event Placement
  • Integrated Customer End to Register and Select Events
  • Special Event Cost Management
  • Trophy Distribution Management
  • Real Time Event Result Publishing
  • Real Time Ring Status Assistant
  • Competitor Waiver Generation and Printing
  • Integrated Searching for Competitors

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